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“Thank you for providing such a great photo shooting experience for our pre-wedding. We enjoyed the time with you very much and are happy with the service and the photos provided.

Originally, we booked the service on 19th April morning, the second day of our vacation in Prague. However, due to the bad weather forecasted in advance, we talked to Michaela to see if there was any chance to postpone. With the prompt replies and close monitoring on the weather by Michaela, our booking was rescheduled to the next day, which was supposed to be a beautiful day. Thanks for the great arrangement anyway!

On the day of photo shooting, the weather was still very cold such that we were always shivering, though we were mostly exposed to the sun. In the short 3 hour session, George and Michaela showed great deal of care and were very considerate to us. We were brought to several popular scenes as scheduled but they are mostly surrounded by the crowd of tourists. With the professionalism of George, we had our photos taken at the best locations with almost little to no interference from others. Also, thanks to the suggestion of George on the poses and the great help from Michaela for the photo effect, appearance… etc., the photo shooting could only be completed in a smooth way.

Overall, it was such an unforgettable experience joining your excellent service. Thanks once again for helping on our prewedding matters. The package was absolutely good value for money and we would strongly recommend it to others.”

Afra and Kelvin ( Hong Kong ), Pre-wedding  photo shoot in Prague

Prague pre wedding photography - Pre wedding photo shoot Prague


“Thank you very much for all the photos! We really like the photos. These are great! Thanks to George and Michaela – they are professional, helpful, careful and patient with us. Answered all our questions and emails rapidly. George is absolutely a good photographer. We can feel his passion and he knows very well of every good view in Prague. We have a great memories and experience of the photo shooting with George and Michaela.”

Cecilia & Jun ( Macau ), Pre-wedding photo shoot Prague 

Prague pre-wedding photography - Overseas pre-wedding shoot Prague

“It is a memorable experience to have George and Michaela to be our professional pre-wedding photo shooting planner.  What a wonderful team!  We have the best photographers, make-up and hair artist and chauffeur team and we truly enjoyed the entire experience!  It wasn’t just a mission to be accomplished before our wedding, it was indeed an artistic journey!  We are impressed by their professional advice and talent.
We started off the day early in the morning, it was snowing but it didn’t stop us from feeling excited and happy.  It was really cold but we couldn’t stop laughing!  The make-up was perfect and it was hassle-free.  George and Michaela took great shots from difficult angles and the duo tried their best to take us through all iconic spots in Prague without being obstructed or disturbed by the tourists around .
We have taken a lot of great shots and we have difficulty to pick our pictures from the selection as they are all fantastic!  Amy and I had rounds of discussion about the pictures to be picked!! 
Thank you George, Michaela, our chauffeur and makeup artist who made our photo-shooting so completed!  We would definitely recommend George and Michaela to friends across the globe”.

Amy & Tony ( Hong Kong ) – Pre-wedding photo shoot Prague 

Best pre-wedding photos - Prague Wedding photo shoot Prague


“I had the idea of proposing to my girlfriend while on our holiday in Prague, and decided to get George Hlobil Photography to capture the proposal moment, followed by a surprise pre-wedding photo shoot with my girlfriend, all in one trip! They helped me out with the planning of my surprise proposal to the finest details, from suggestions to the proposal site, to wedding gown bridal salon recommendations and booking, make-up artist coordination, car booking and answering all my queries with her utmost dedication to ensure that things turn out well despite our tight schedule. It was a great proposal, with George posing as a “photographic tour guide”, until I popped the question, leaving my girlfriend Ariel 100% surprised.

Surprise proposal photos Prague - Engagement photo shoot Prague - Proposal photography Prague

We subsequently had a full day pre-wedding photo shoot with George and Michaela. They ensured that everything went according to plan and was very smooth. We absolutely love the way George teached us to pose and his bubbly character made the photoshoot  very relaxed and fun. He worked very hard to capture our best angles, and the photos that we received after were fabulous!

A full day photo shoot left everyone very tired but George and Michaela tireless efforts to help us along the way made it a lot easier. It was like a fun day out with no stress. None would have been possible without the help from George and Michaela.Big thank you to Michaela and George that helped me out in planning the perfect surprise proposal!”

Stefan & Ariel ( Singapore ), Surprise proposal and pre-wedding photo shoot in Prague 

Best pre-wedding photo shoot Prague - Pre-wedding photographer Prague - Honeymoon pictures Prague


“George, you are a very good photographer. This is my first time to Prague and thank you, you were very patient and kindly answered my each question in email. We love all pictures shoot by you as those are fully classic and aesthetic.
Lastly, we are very happy that you shoot our pre-wedding in Prague. Thank you very much.”

Sunny Ling & Co Co ( Hong Kong ), Pre-wedding shoot in Prague

Overseas pre-wedding photo - Prague pre-wedding photography


“We came upon George’s website and were captivated by the online portfolios that displayed his great works.  We were excited, at the same time unsure of what we should expect for our pre-wedding photo-shoot in Prague.  Would George be able to portray what we want? Will our poses be awkward? Will we be able to capture the most scenic places in Prague?  To these, George and Michaela were without doubt, consistently responsive and assuring to our queries.
Within the first meet-up with George in Prague before the photo-shoot,  we knew we are in his good hands! George exudes the confidence, great experiences of a photographer, artistic charm and professionalism!

On the actual day of our photo-shoot, George was candid, warm, sincere, patient, understanding and he knows exactly how best we would look in front of the camera, together with his great choices of the beautiful scenic representing Prague for our backdrop.  George easily orchestrated every small detail from where and how we should pose and made us feel totally at ease and natural! The entire photo-shoot was a fantastic experience!         

George was totally engrossed and giving in capturing the best shots for us and all the photos turned out to be excellent! With his ‘magical’ touch, our photos further transformed into pieces of art!  Friends and relatives gave raving compliments that our photos look like oil paintings!  Everyone was so impressed!
Engaging George is one of the best decision we have made for our wedding! Thumbs up to George and Michaela for the great job!  Thank you both so much for giving us a wonderful wedding gift of a lifetime!”

Cheryl & Koy ( Singapore ), Pre-wedding photo shoot in Prague

Prague pre-wedding photographer - High end pre wedding photography Prague


“While we were planning our honeymoon to Europe, we knew we wanted to take (post) wedding photos there too but we could not settle on a photographer or which European city until we saw George Hlobil’s portfolio! We were completely blown away at his artistic touch and his ability to not only capture the beautiful scenery in Prague, but to make the couples he was photographing look so beautiful and surreal. We love a dramatic look in our photography and so George became one of our top choices. It was not until we emailed a few times and spoke to his manager Michaela did we realize that there would be no other option aside from choosing George and Michaela because they were so helpful and responsive to our questions and concerns. From the start we knew it would be a perfect fit.

Prague pre-wedding photographer - Best pre-wedding pictures Prague

Fast forward to the day we arrive in Prague from Canada and guess what? Air France loses our luggage (containing our wedding dress, shoes and suit for the shoot) when we were supposed to be taking photos in 4 hours. We quickly contacted Michaela and she gave us the utmost flexibility and allowed us to change the shoot to the next morning, in hopes that either we had bought new outfits or that our luggage was finally found. Throughout that evening as we went to try on different dresses for the shoot (it was Friday night), Michaela made sure she was available and with every photo we sent her, she gave us her opinion to help us decide what to buy for the shoot. It turned out our luggage did arrive so in the end we still wore our wedding attire; however Michaela’s amazing attention to our needs prior to the shoot was amazing.

Prague pre-wedding photo shoot- Prague wedding photographer George Hlobil

During the shoot, George and Michaela were a fantastic team, always working to ensure that we weren’t cold (George was always passing us clothing to cover ourselves from the wind) and making sure that the crowds forming and watching behind us were as out of sight as possible in our photos. We loved how funny George and Michaela were but we also appreciated their professionalism and George’s ability to pose and direct us at all times because we did not know how to stand/place our hands/smile, so this we definitely appreciated and what we found to be most outstanding.

We saw some quick preview images of ourselves on George’s camera and we were just in awe at his mastery! We cannot stop raving and complimenting George and Michaela; they have genuinely exceeded our expectations for our photoshoot. They took us to beautiful locations and always made sure we were comfortable. We can’t even count how many times they asked if our feet were okay because they asked so many times – that’s how much they care, it’s amazing! They were easy to talk to and did not waste any time as they were so efficient and knew exactly which routes to take to best reach all our photo locations.

We can’t recommend George Hlobil Photography enough. In addition to that, Prague itself is an outstanding and beautiful city! Come visit Prague; when you’re here, you MUST take photos with George and Michaela at George Hlobil Photography, you won’t regret it (you can thank us later!!), we promise you!”

Bee and Ron ( Canada ), Post-wedding / honeymoon photo shoot in Prague

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“George and Michaela offer a great one stop shop service for pre wedding and wedding photography that is truly a wonderful combination of artistic talent, great make up and photography. We had our pre wedding photo shoot in March this year. The weather was alright but not the best. However, George was able to take great photos for myself and my fiancée despite the challenges and produced a set of photos which we would have been hard pressed to produce anywhere else in the world. The post production quality was very high also. Credit also goes to Michaela for organising and helping out with the entire experience and also sourcing and locating a talented makeup and hair artist that was really good as well. We would definitely recommend George for any couple thinking of doing a photoshoot in Prague!”

Angie & Euan ( Hong Kong ), Pre-wedding photography Prague

Pre wedding photography Prague - Best pre wedding photos Prague - Overseas pre wedding photo shoot Prague


“Dear George, we are really happy and lucky to have chosen you as our pre wedding photographer in Prague. As a foreigner, we do have some uncertainty and hesitation at the beginning before we contacted you. To our delight, you are a really kind, considerate and reliable person and a top end professional photographer. Photographic artwork is somehow subjective and individualized, you understand and cater for our needs, tailor-making your masterpiece into something we really adore. From the pre-wedding shooting discussion to the pre-wedding photo shooting day experience and finally the photo editing process, you are diligent, sincere and dedicated to your work. Your makeup artist is superb too, making us look pretty and natural. And together with your nice and helpful assistants, the shooting around the city has been joyful and relaxing!!

Everything adds up and makes our once-in-a-lifetime overseas pre wedding photo shoot in Prague experience an extraordinarily marvelous one!  Thanks for your professionalism and reliability indeed!”

Fiona & Alvin (Hong Kong), Pre-wedding photo shoot in Prague

Overseas pre-wedding photography - Prague wedding photographer George Hlobil


“George was the consummate professional throughout the entire process (from arranging the photo-shoot in Singapore to meeting us the day before the wedding photo-shoot in Prague to making us feel right at home in our first-ever session).  For two people who had just flown into Prague less than 24 hours beforehand, George took the stress of having to prepare the details (i.e., he handled last-minute flower requests, he organized the makeup artist, etc.) so that we could just focus on having a good time.

During the photo-shoot, George and his team of 3 were very helpful, very friendly, and most important of all, very fun!  He knew where to go to get the good shots and his team were constantly around to help make our lives easier (i.e., putting a jacket on the wife in  between shots during a freezing cold day!).  When we were back in Singapore, George was constantly updating us on the progress of the edits, and when we saw the pictures, they were definitely worth the wait.

For those who want to forever capture the beauty of Prague on their special days (whatever the occasion may be) with a professional who knows what he is doing, I would sincerely recommend George and his team.  End-to-end he has been first class.  Thank you George & team for helping us start off our honeymoon with such a pleasant experience and for helping us capture our moments of joy!”

Colin & Vanessa ( Singapore ), Wedding photo shoot in Prague 

Prague wedding photography - European wedding photographer George Hlobil

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